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Wenzhou Runcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a formal production supplier of specializing in the production and sales of PVC inkjet printing gum card paper and medical B-mode ultrasonic printing film (laser or inkjet universal type, laser single type) entities. Its products have uniform coatings, clean and whit surfaces, high-resolution print images and good color reproduction and waterproof performance. Moreover, all products are produced in dry and dust-free environments. These products are suitable for Epson, HP, Canon and other water-based pigment or dye inkjet printers, all kinds of laser printers, digital presses, etc.

Wenzhou Runcheng Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to keep in close cooperation with the new and old customers and friends from all walks of life and goes hand in hand together to create a better future of the industry with quality, constant perfection, continuous improvement of technology, improvement of scientific and technological content of products and sincere services.



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